Quantum-logical computing architectures

The Choo Institute is committed to creating ethical, philosophical, social and technological solutions aimed at empowering the poor of the developing world by providing them with access to nanomolecular tools and resources.

It is undoubtedly the case that the growing sophistication of such technologies will further blur the boundaries between a human being and their mind, and the growing variety of computational, immersive technologies.

The growing sophistication of quantum models of consciousness, coupled with the rapid and ongoing increase in the computational power of superpositional engines and teraflop nanotube processor arrays, has led the Choo Institute to instigate its own research programs into the physical, scientific basis of human and animal phenomenology that underlie this blurring of boundaries.

The Institute believes that great good can come from a thorough understanding of how human and animal consciousness can exist alongside neural and other forms of somatic nanomolecular technologies.

Current projects include:





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