Our people

The Choo Institute is headquartered in Ushogbo, Nigeria, the de facto capital of the African Union in the wake of the Cairo Incident.

The Choo Institute - so the story goes - was founded over three cups of strong coffee at the Eden Project in Cornwall UK in 2004 by Dr Mal Boden, Professor Elizabeth Wickremasinghe, and Professor Justice Ushogbo van der Westhaven, all of whom are still guiding lights in the Institute today.

Mal Boden

Mal is the visionary Founder of the Choo Institute and Chairman of the Deeper Vision Board :: read more about Mal

Elizabeth Wickremasinghe

Elizabeth is Chief Technology Officer, Principal Investigator and grandmother-in-residence of the Choo Institute :: read more about Elizabeth

Justice Westhaven

Jutsice is the Chief Executive Officer of the Choo Institute, and the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Prize :: read more about Justice


The Choo Institute is a creative research organisation which prides itself on the fertile trans-disciplinary expertise of its practitioners.

We're always looking for talented, ambitious people who genuinely want to make a difference, and are currently looking to fill three vacancies.





Mal and the Deeper Vision board of the Choo Institute are all avid bloggers. Here's what they have to say.


We like to talk. If you have ideas or opinions that you believe are important, get in touch.


The world is beautiful and fragile. We intend to protect it. We hope you're on the right side.