The Human Constitution

The idea of the Human Constitution - like the idea of the Solar Sunflowers - arose from the trans-disciplinary Human First! conference hosted by the Choo Institute in Ushogbo in the summer of 2025.

In essence, the Human Constitution is a detailed, adaptive proposal (actually a synthetically intelligent software entity written in HyperPython) concerned with what has come to be called The Requirements for Sentience.

The Requirements for Sentience

The Requirements for Sentience is a fabulous yet simple idea, which seeks to identify and codify a detailed matrix of inalienable, inviolate rights that any and every individual within a Diamond Age economy should be hav automatically and in perpetuity.

These rights include (at a high conceptual level) a certain minimum (and importantly, no theoretical maximum) provision of six key quantities: space, energy, structure, time, computation and information. These rights are measured in terms of a single unique value, what the Choo Institute calls the "requirement google" or Roogle.

The Requirements for Sentience concept specifies exactly how this high level Roogle then devolves down to (at a lower conceptual level) certain "basics" such as clothing, goods, accommodation, water, communications, travel and so on, for every person in the Diamond Age economy (and we deliberately don't use the term planet here).

In terms of definition: the Choo Institute defines one (1) Roogle as provision for a single individual for one tau (defined as one million seconds) with a defined budget of water, food, power and heat, accommodation and clothing, communications, information access, bandwidth, and so on.

GPU and FR

At the heart of The Requirements for Sentience are two crucial ideas: Global Personal Utility (also sometimes called universal rights), and Fabricator Rights.

In a Diamond Age economy, every single individual has (associated wth them) Global Personal Utility, but no one individual has Fabricator Rights.

Conversely, every single Lifeswork (with a Constitution) has Fabricator Rights, but no Lifeswork has (associated with it) any Global Personal Utility.

Lifeswork and Constitution

The Constitution of a Lifeswork - as distinct from the Human Constitution - is a kind of universal buffer: a dense mesh of physical machinery and tools, computational protocols and contingency handlers wrapping each Lifeswork from all others.

When one Lifeswork has commerce with any one of the potentially millions of other Lifeswork that might, at any one time, be polling it for information, it is via the Constitution that this commerce is mediated.

Each person exists within their Lifeswork, their own Government, bound and supported by the Constitution of that lifework, of course, but free at any time to leave and join another Lifeswork, or indeed create a new one if they so wish - as long as the Constitution is agreed by the rest of Lifeswork society.

An individual - as an individual - has no access to Roogle. It is only Lifeswork that have access to Roogle.

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