Post-bulk economics

Nanotechnology has revolutionised manufacturing with the shift from "bulk" to "molecular" engineering. But there has been no corresponding shift from the theories and practises of "bulk" economics towards economic theories and practises that recognise the importance of nanoscale manufacture.

The Choo Institute is actively engaged in the development and promulgation of economic, fiscal and political models that take nanotechnology as the substrate upon which all theoretical and practical development takes place.

Our guiding philosophy is that current economic systems - rooted as they are in the vocabulary, practises, assumptions, expectations, science and culture of "bulk thinking" - are inherently unable to adapt to the new sciences and technologies which are now beginning to change our world.

Moreover, we believe that there is considerable inertia to be overcome - and in many cases, active resistance - in converting bulk thinking to more socially responsible, human-focused molecular thinking.

Current projects include:





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