Our projects

The Choo Institute is committed to creating ethical, philosophical, social and technological solutions aimed at empowering the poor of the developing world by providing them with access to nanomolecular tools and resources.

The Institute currently has three major interconnected strands of research.

Modern sustainable nanotechnology

Understanding how the science of molecular manufacturing can be dissociated from redundant Bretton Woods-style economic thinking and harnessed for the good of all peoples is a key political and academic policy objective of the Choo Institute :: read more about modern sustainable nanotechnology

Post-bulk economics

Nanotechnology has revolutionised manufacturing with the shift from bulk to molecular engineering. But there has been no corresponding shift from the theories and practises of bulk economics towards economic theories and practises that recognise the importance of nanoscale manufacture :: read more about post-bulk economics

Quantum-logical computing architectures

The growing sophistication of quantum models of consciousness, coupled with the rapid and ongoing increase in the computational power of superpositional engines and teraflop nanotube processor arrays, has led the Choo Institute to instigate its own research programs into the physical, scientific basis of human and animal phenomenology :: read more about QL computing architectures





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