Global personal utility

The Requirements for Sentience concept developed at the Choo Institute by Ushogbo Van der Westhaven proposes that, every tau, every individual within a Diamond Age economy have available to them a Roogle of Global Personal Utility.

Defining global personal utility

Global personal utility is a way of quantifying the volume - in an abstract requirements space - necessary and sufficient for an individual to live fully in a Diamond Age economy.

The requirements volume being described here is a seven (7) dimensional hypersphere, with mutually perpendicular axes of space, time, structure, computation, energy, information, and Lifeswork.

A given individual - taken as a Constitution-bound entity within any arbitrary Lifeswork - is then a six-dimensional hyperpoint slicing through this seven-dimensional hypersphere.

The absolute position of this hyerppoint within the hypersphere - as well as its relative distance from all other hyperpoints - determines Roogle from any given individual, and thus their Global Personal Utility.

Effective action

In the kind of Diamond Age society envisaged by the Choo Institute, GPU encompasses everything that used more commonly to be called "material goods", as well as transportation, services, communications, health, and so on.

GPU is infinitely malleable: it can be traded (and meta-traded, and meta-meta-traded), given away, used, neglected - all as the individual sees fit.

Fabricator rights

Under the terms of the Requirements of Sentience concept - as part of the Human Constitution - individuals have a Roogle of GPU.

But in order to do anything with this bounty (unparalleled in human history), they must be part of a Lifeswork and bound by the terms of a formal Constitution. Because it is only Lifeswork that have - and can productively exercise - Fabricator rights, i.e. the ability to use GPU to make anything, do anything or effect anything.





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