Our vision

The vision of the Choo Institute is of a world where the Diamond Age has come of age.

The core of the Choo Institute's arguments is that the vast majority of the world's citizens are excluded from the benefits of molecular engineering technologies, despite the well-meaning efforts of some. These people wish to acquire and use Diamond Age technologies, but current economic, legal and commercial frameworks now block that wish, discriminating against the poor by impeding them from gaining access to the tools that would enable them to transform thought and creativity into working processes and applications.

To assist developing nations to make the transition to a Diamond Age economy, the Choo Institute seeks to help Heads of State and Heads of Commerce to implement institutional and policy reforms that empower those people who are virtually excluded from participating in the overall molecular engineering economy.

Such people - who comprise more than 70% of the world's population - are empowered by giving them access to formal nanomolecular knowledge rights combined with open source licensing of nanomolecular innovations, and providing them with the tools to release the potential locked up in the intellectual assets they have accumulated. This involves continuing to develop and implement the Choo Institute's strategy, methodology and program, which contain the following four components.





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