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The Choo Institute is a creative research organisation which prides itself on the fertile trans-disciplinary expertise of its practitioners. We're always looking for talented, ambitious people who genuinely want to make a difference, and are currently looking to fill the following three vacancies:

Connectionist philosopher

Must be conversant with all major schools of cognitive and computational philosophy, including Pylyshyn, Fodor, Dennett, Clark, Chambers, and Minsky. A thorough grounding in late 19th and early 20th century logic, semantics and linguistic is essential. We are looking for a non-ideolog candidate who has published in the fields of non-symbolic computation, mental modelling, psycholinguistics, representation grounding and condensate theories of consciousness.

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Moleculr dynamics modeller

We are looking for a freethinking developer with ten years experience of exploratory software development using DiamondPerl, HyperPython, D and Nexus. Using our dedicated Superpositional Engine, the ideal candidate will be responsible for scenario-spinning diamondoid and high-carbon compounds under a variety of bio-analogical, thermal and mechanical stresses.

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Quantum computational theorist

The successful candidate will exhibit strong mathematical and conceptual flavours coupled with highly compacted hidden problem-solving dimensionality. They will believe they know everything, but are hoping to be able to prove themselves wrong.

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